Mostbet partners program

Mostbet Affiliate Program is a great way for individuals and companies to earn a commission by promoting a trusted and reputable online casino. With access to a variety of marketing tools and a competitive commission rate, it’s a program that is worth considering for anyone who has a strong online presence and is interested in earning additional income.

About Mostbet affiliate program

This program is designed for individuals or companies with websites, blogs, or social media accounts that attract a lot of traffic and have a strong following.

As an affiliate of Mostbet, you can earn a commission for every new customer that you refer to the casino. The commission rate varies depending on the number of customers that you refer and the revenue that they generate for the casino.

In addition to earning a commission, affiliates of Mostbet also receive access to a variety of marketing tools, including banners, landing pages, and promotional materials. These resources are designed to help affiliates promote Mostbet’s products and services to potential customers and maximize their earning potential.

Mostbet partners program

How to become Mostbet partner?

  1. Visit the Mostbet website: Go to the Mostbet website and click on the “Partners” tab in the top menu.
  1. Fill out the application form: Click on the “Join us” button to access the application form. Fill out the form with your personal information and website details.
  1. Submit your application: Once you have filled out the application form, click on the “Submit” button to send your application to the Mostbet team for review.
  1. Wait for approval: Mostbet will review your application and notify you if your application has been approved or not. If your application is approved, you will receive an email with further instructions on how to get started as a partner.
  1. Promote Mostbet: Once you become a partner, you can start promoting Mostbet’s products and services to your audience using the marketing tools and resources provided by Mostbet. You will earn a commission for every new customer you refer to the casino.

Features of affiliate program

The Mostbet Affiliate Program offers a range of features that make it an attractive option for individuals and companies interested in promoting an Mostbet online casino

Rules of partners program

The Mostbet Affiliate Program has a set of rules that partners must follow in order to participate in the program. 

 To become a partner of Mostbet, you must be at least 18 years old and have a website that is relevant to online gambling and gaming.

 Partners must comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to online gambling and gaming in their respective countries and regions.

 Partners must not engage in any fraudulent activities, such as creating fake accounts or using bots to generate traffic. Additionally, partners must not engage in spamming or other unsolicited advertising methods.

 Partners are not allowed to refer themselves or their own accounts to Mostbet in order to earn commission.

 Partners must adhere to Mostbet’s brand guidelines when promoting the casino. This includes using only approved marketing materials and avoiding any misrepresentations or false claims about the casino.

 The commission structure of the Mostbet Affiliate Program is subject to change, and partners will be notified of any changes in advance.

 Mostbet reserves the right to terminate partnerships with affiliates who violate the rules of the program or engage in any activities that are deemed harmful or detrimental to the casino.

How to register at a partners program?

If you are interested in becoming a partner of the Mostbet Affiliate Program, the Mostbet registration process is relatively simple and straightforward. 

  1. Visit the Mostbet Affiliate Program website: Start by visiting the Mostbet Affiliate Program website at https://mostbetpartners.com.
  1. Click on “Join now”: On the homepage, click on the “Join now” button to begin the registration process.
  1. Fill out the registration form: You will be asked to provide some basic information about yourself and your website, including your name, email address, website URL, and preferred payment method.
  1. Agree to the terms and conditions: Review the terms and conditions of the program and agree to them by checking the box provided.
  1. Submit your application: Once you have filled out the registration form and agreed to the terms and conditions, click the “Submit” button to send your application.
  1. Wait for approval: Mostbet will review your application and notify you via email once your account has been approved. This process typically takes 1-3 business days.
  1. Access your account: Once your account has been approved, you will receive login credentials that you can use to access your affiliate account dashboard.
  1. Start promoting Mostbet: With your account set up, you can start promoting Mostbet to your audience using the marketing materials provided by the program.

Payouts at partner program

The Mostbet Affiliate Program offers a competitive commission structure that allows partners to earn money by promoting the casino to their audience. 

Payment InformationDetails
Commission rates25% to 45% of net revenue
Payment methodsWire transfer, Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney
Minimum payout amount$100
Payment frequencyMonthly
CurrencyUSD, EUR, RUB
Negative carryoverYes
Reports and trackingYes

Mostbet partners requirements

To become a partner of Mostbet, there are certain requirements that need to be met. 

How to track traffic and statistics?

Mostbet provides partners with a variety of tools to monitor their traffic and statistics. 

  1. Dashboard 

Partners can access their dashboard, which provides a real-time overview of their earnings, impressions, clicks, and conversions.

  1. Reports

Partners can generate detailed reports on their website’s performance and the activity of their referred players. Reports can be customized by time period, geography, and other parameters.

  1. Tracking links

 Mostbet provides partners with unique tracking links that can be used to track clicks and conversions from their website to Mostbet. Partners can create multiple tracking links to test and optimize their promotional efforts.

  1. Conversion tracking

 Partners can track the conversion rate of their referral traffic and optimize their campaigns accordingly.